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20oz Seat Time Pint Glass

Image of 20oz Seat Time Pint Glass

$7.99 - On Sale

Why a 20oz Pint Glass you may ask. Because a Pint is 16oz and a 16oz glass typically never gives you a full 16oz of beverage. You need to have that extra room for the beverage to breath and come into it's own. A "Proper Pint' as the British call it, allows you to have 16oz of beverage, plus 4oz of head. In the beer world, some refer to this as the 'perfect amount of head'.

At Seat Time, we want to make sure your beverage is given every opportunity to succeed in being flavorful and tasty. So make sure you put away those pint glasses of old and pick up your new Seat Time Pint Glass, so you can enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome!

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